Analysis of Pakistan population census 2017

Pakistan population census was carried out in early 2017 and the summary of results has been received .Here i will list some of the observations that i made studying the summary of 6th population and housing summary of Pakistan’s

  1. The total population of Pakistan as of 2017 census is 207,774,520 making it 5th most populated county in the world . 132,189,531 people live in rural areas whereas 75,584989 live in urban areas . More people in Pakistan live in rural areas as compared to urban areas .
  2. Population of males is more than females with a ratio of 105 males for every 100 females.
  3. There are 10,418 transgenders in Pakistan. 7,651 of them live in urban areas while 2,767 live in rural areas . More transgenders prefer to live in urban areas .
  4. Khyber Pakhtun Khwa has the population of 30,523,371 people , making it the most populated province of Pakistan.


Reasons to start a Youtube channel

Youtube is the biggest video site on internet and also second biggest search engine only after Google . Millions of people watch billions of hours worth of videos on Youtube . You will find all sorts of video content on youtube ranging from educational videos to personal video logs . So after spending hours watching your favourite channels on youtube its only natural to think about starting your own youtube channel . If you are still wondering why you should start a youtube channel and start uploading videos then here are some reasons that you might find motivating enough to start your journey towards becoming a youtuber .

  1. You can make money from your videos and if you manage to consistently get lots of views on videos that you upload on your youtube channel then you might also be able to quit your dayjob and make a living from your channel .
  2. Your channel also gives you the oppertunity to raise your voice on important issues that matter the most for you. You can share your opinions and influence a vast majority of people.
  3. You won’t get bored as you will always have something to do and making videos for your channel will keep you busy.
  4. You will be a part of creators community and you will be able to explore your creativity .
  5. Making videos requires lots of research on different topics you will be covering on your channel ,so it will enable you to learn many new things .

How To Commit All New Files Using Git Commands

If you are using git to keep track of all the changes made in your files directory then you will need to commit your new changes using git command line interface . All new files added and even the changes to existing files can be logged using simple commands as shown below .

To add new files in git logs use Git Add command

Git add

Once all files have been added to be tracked by git then commit all changes using

git commit -a

A new editor will open where you should write commit message describing the changes you made . This will help you keep track of changes anyone makes to your app directory.

On git editor enter the commit message

Once you have written the commit description in the git editor simply press escape key and enter :x! command to exit git editor.

Press Esc key

enter :x! to exit git editor

All new files and changes to existing files will now be commited to git .Repeat this same procedure every time a change is made .

Child Labour In Pakistan

The industrial revolution, which started at the end of eighteenth century, eventually gave birth to a new economic system that rapidly increased the demand for cheap labor that will make the cost of end product significantly low. The need for cheaper labor cost grew with increasing industrial competition and this in turn gave birth to child labor. Children were often employed as workers in factories and mines often working in fatal conditions [1].

In 19th century laws banning child labor were passed in UK that prevented employment of children under the age of nine and limited working hours of children aged nine to fourteen [2] .The minimum working age of children was raised to twelve in 1901 and since then numerous laws have been passed in many countries against child labor .

The children of the poor families in developing countries like Pakistan are still expected to help their parents financially by working and contributing to family income [3]. It is the work that deprives these children of their childhood and the opportunities for schooling or forces them to bear multiple burdens of schooling and financially supporting their families.

Child Labour In Pakistan

Following the standards of international communities, Pakistan has passed numerous laws banning child labor and exploitation of labor but these laws are ignored on a large scale and little is being done towards implementation of these policies. Even today children constitute about a quarter of country’s unskilled labor and can be found in numerous factories, fields and every workshop. [4]

A study conducted by International Labor organization (ILO) concluded that the overall number of child labor has declined internationally from 200 million in 2000 to 168 million in 2014. However, Pakistan is ranked third according to The Global Slavery Index of 2013 with an estimated 12.5 million children involved in child labor . Government hasn’t conducted any survey for child labor since 1996.

References :

  1. Nardinelli, C. (1990). Child labor and the Industrial Revolution(p. 155266). Bloomington: Indiana University Press.
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Remove Counterflix Adware from Web Browsers

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Learn Python Programming Language Basics – First Lesson

Python is deemed as the beginner friendly programming language on many forums so if you are want to start learning to program then Python is a good place to start .

First of all download the python package from that will include its compiler IDLE that can be used to write python programs . Basically you can write a python program in notepad and save it with .py extension but we will be using IDLE that is provided with Python 3.5.2 bundle available at

Math Operators :

Once you have downloaded and installed python setup file open IDLE and a shell with open where you can enter python commands . As a first step lets just use this shell as a simple calculator . enter 2+2 in the shell and see the result. Also use multiplication( * ) ,division ( / )and subtraction ( – ) operators.


As you can see mathematical operations are fairly simple in python so you should not have any problem , try using different combinations of math operators in a single line and hit Enter to execute . See the results.There are many other operators like Modulus ( % ) , Exponent (**)  that you can use in your program.

The order of operators is similar to that in mathematics , but it is a common practice to use brackets if you have multiple operations like ;


This will give you an answer of one which is same as 2 – 3 +2  or 2-3*1+6/3 .

Data Types :

As the name suggests data types are like different categories of data based on their type .For example  the number 1 is an integer . data type for any text will be a string .

  • Integers: 1 ,2 , -1 , 6 etc are integers and keyword int is used to represent integers.
  • Floating-point numbers: keyword float is used for floating numbers like -0.5, 0.0, 0.5, 1.0, etc.
  • String: Keyword str is used for strings like , ‘hello’, ‘some text ‘, ’11 apples’, ‘etc!’

We will be using different datatypes so you will get a better understanding about them and come to know that it is important to differentiate between different datatypes.


In the above shown shell , you can see that when you use the text one  python gives an error because it is a string and hence must be enclosed in single quotes as ‘one ‘. Anything within single quotes will be considered as string even if it is a number as you can see from the last result in blue that it is enclosed in single quotes meaning it is a string.

String Concatenation:

Data operators when used with integers or floats act as simple mathematical functions .However if you use data operators with strings their meaning is changes . For Example 2 + 2 will give you 4 , However  ‘Apples’ + ‘Oranges’  will give you ‘ApplesOranges’ .

Exercise: Try using other data operators with different strings and see the results.


Don’t forget to add single quotes whenever you are using a string . ‘Apples’ + 2  gives an error because here 2 is considered integer as there are no single quotes around it . Once you add single quotes around 2 then it is processed like a sting same as Oranges.

If you want to add space between Apples and Oranges then you can use something like following in the shell .

‘Apples’ + ‘   ‘  + ‘Oranges’

Look closely at the above line of code , it just using a empty space as a sting enclosed in single quotes . So basically the above line concatenates three strings .Alternatively you can just use space within first string like this : ‘Apples ‘  + ‘Oranges’ . Spaces within String quotes are treated as a space.

Variables :

Variables can have any value you assign them just like variables in mathematics where X and Y are usually used in algebra and different values are assigned to them .Each variable can be used to store single value in computer memory and these values are assigned using equal sign (also called assignment operator ) . For example if you want to create a variable x and assign a value 4 to it then you can do so in python simply by using x = 4 .Note that this variable has an Integer assigned to it so this variable should be treated as an integer . If you assign a string value to any variable as y = ‘Apples’  or y = ‘4’  then that variable (y) will be treated as a string .

>>> x = 4
>>> y = 4
>>> x + y

Here we created two variables x and y with values 4 and 6 respectively . As we didn’t use single quotes around 4 and 6 so they are considered integers . and math operators can be used on variables x and y  just as they are used with integers. See that x+y gives 8 .

You can also use these variables for math operations with other integers as the values assigned to these variables are integers. Example , x+1 gives 5 .

If you assign any value to a variable and then in the next step you assign a different value to same variable then the first value will be discarded . For example;

>>> x = 4
>>> x
>>> x = 5
>>> x

Here we assigned value 4 to the integer and then value 5 . You can see that the current value of variable x is 5 and first value is replaced with second.

You can also assign Strings to variables and then that variable will be considered as a string.

> x = ‘Apples’
>>> x

There are some rules regarding naming variables that should be followed or python will give you an error.

  1. Variable should be only one word (i.e no spaces)
  2. Only letters , numbers and underscore can be used.
  3. It should not begin with a number(First word can only be a alphabet or underscore)

Variable names and everything else in python is case sensitive , that means variable x is not equal to variable X . apples are not Apples.