Edward Snowden’s Encrypted Tweet is waiting to be solved

If anyone else tweeted some gibberish like this then it would treated like gibberish but when Edward Snowden tweets something its a puzzle that gives internet another mystery to solve .

On 5 August 2016 ,The former National Security Agency contractor turned whistle blower Snowden tweeted a string of 64 alpha numeric characters and then deleted it within minuets .

Edward Snowden Puzzle

So far no one has been able so decode this cryptic message , give it a try .



Roger Federer Will Not Play Olympic Games in Rio -Calls an end to 2016 season

Earlier in February Roger Federer revealed that he has had surgery on a knee injury which he suffered after the Australian Open.

He announced today that he will not be attending 2016 Olympic games due to that injury and calls an end to his 2016 season for full recovery.

I’m extremely disappointed to announce that I will not be able to represent Switzerland at the Olympic Games in Rio and that I will also miss the remainder of the season. Considering all options after consulting with my doctors and my team, I have made the very difficult decision to call an end to my 2016 season as I need more extensive rehabilitation following my knee surgery earlier this year. The doctors advised that if I want to play on the ATP World Tour injury free for another few years, as I intend to do, I must give both my knee and body the proper time to fully recover. It is tough to miss the rest of the year. However, the silver lining is that this experience has made me realize how lucky I have been throughout my career with very few injuries. The love I have for tennis, the competition, tournaments and of course you, the fans remains intact. I am as motivated as ever and plan to put all my energy towards coming back strong, healthy and in shape to play attacking tennis in 2017. – Roger Federer

So no roger federer tennis this year . Hope he recovers from that injury.