Getting First Freelance Job as Beginner

Freelancer is someone who is self-employed and makes money by working on temporary paid projects that he gets from different clients based on skills.

Freelancing has been around much before internet when people used to find work and get paid for doing tasks that were assigned to them. A freelancer doesn’t work permanently for any one organisation or employer and chooses to work on different projects that he gets from clients. These projects can be very small tasks like writing some article, making a website, solving a math problem and can also be large projects like engineering designs. Becoming a freelancer is suitable for people who both inclined towards self-employment and want to work from home. Even if you are already employed and spare some extra time to freelance jobs then you can easily establish a source of extra income using freelancing.

Benefits of Becoming a Freelancing

Perks of becoming a freelancer are the freedom to work only on jobs that you like and the abundance work that is in your reach.

  • Freedom to work from home on any project that you like and schedule your own work hours.
  • You get to pursue your personal passions that might not be possible in doing a job for some organization where you just work on things that are of interest to your employer.
  • You decide what projects you like and get to decide the money you want for the performing any task.
  • Your portfolio will have variety of projects and most importantly you will have opportunities to learn new things by working on interesting projects.
  • Freelancers are usually paid good amount of money for their work and can choose to work only on jobs that meet their personal criteria.
  • You can work from anywhere in the world so you can be travelling and working at the same time, just need a laptop and an internet connection.

Drawbacks of Becoming a Freelancer

  • As a freelancer you will be dependent on getting projects and if you don’t make new clients then you will not make any money. There is no problem just as long as you have new paid freelance projects coming for you.
  • Getting new clients to hire you can be challenging as there is a lot of competition out there and no matter how low you set your price, there is always someone out there who is willing to do the same work for a lower cost. So maintaining your authority as a freelancer among clients can be challenging and will take time before you start getting regular jobs.

Getting Started

Getting freelancing jobs can be difficult because of competition but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose freelancing as your career. Freelancing is a profitable industry and many online business connect freelancers with clients without any upfront cost that means you don’t have to pay anyone to get freelance jobs. Currently there are two ways to get online freelance jobs:

  1. Client directly contacts you and invites you to work on something by some client.
  2. Clients posts a new project on some freelance site and you bid on that project with your best offer.

Now, don’t get too excited about the first option because you are probably not that renowned freelancer that everyone would like to hire. Come down to the ground and first learn to get your first freelance project and getting hired. Clients would only hire you directly if you have a good portfolio and if your skills are specifically related to their project. To build a good freelancing portfolio you will need to show some good tasks that you have completed.

As a first step choose one site that you will be using to connect to clients for freelance jobs. There are three sites that I would recommend where you should register and make a good profile.

  1. – Good for web development and writing jobs but it is too crowded and there are a lot of freelance companies that create a lot of competition. But there are a lot of projects available for you and if you make a good profile and are able to write good proposals then you have chance of getting jobs. There are a lot of established freelancers so my suggestion is to apply for relevant jobs and bid reasonably to get the attention of clients.
  2. – Previously oDesk this site is one of my favorite freelancing sites as there isn’t much competition for freelance companies and there are some good projects always available that are not just related to web development and writing. If you are looking for jobs related to your professional field then I would recommend this site. Another good this about up work is that they give boost to new freelancers and your chances of getting hired here are higher as compared to other options.
  3. – Recommended for people who are comfortable with working on hourly basis as obvious by its name you get hired on hourly rate that you decide. This site offers more jobs for web development, content generation and other internet related stuff like marketing and web design etc.

Getting First Freelance Job

After you have registered on any one of the above mentioned sites, the first challenge you will have to overcome is getting your first job. Finding jobs is not difficult as there are countless clients looking for freelancers. The hard part is to make a strong proposal that will make clients hire you and convince them that you are the right man for this job. The secret to succeed in getting your first freelancing job is the basic idea to show y our clients that you are capable of completing the task better than anyone else because you have all the required skills. To achieve this you have to primarily focus on following two things;

  • Your profile details – Make your profile as informative as possible and provide details about all your skills and professional qualifications. Also list a portfolio of your work that you have done elsewhere. Make sure that when someone views your profile they exactly know what are your skills and qualifications.
  • Your Proposal to client is the first thing that they will see when you bid on any job so it has to be the best and briefly describe your skills and also give a reason why they should hire you . Don’t make grammar mistakes and never beg anyone to hire you because you need money. Focus on the project you are interested in and give reference to previous similar work that you have done based on your qualifications.

5 Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Earnings

Tips and guide to boost your Adsense revenue by optimization of website.

Adsense earnings from your website depends on a number of factors that should all be optimised to generate maximum revenue from your site. As a general rule of thumb more page views mean more people will click on ads through your webpage and your income will increase . So you should focus on getting visitors to your site first and don’t overflow any webpage with ads as that will ruin user’s experience . Instead , you can use simple optimization to have more revenue by displaying ad units on locations where they perform best.

Your earnings from Adsense primarily depend on following two factors that you will need to optimise . Focus on ways to increase Adsense cost per click and click through rate to boost your Adsense earnings.

Increase CPC

Cost per click is the amount of money advertisers are willing to pay for their potential customers .More cpc means more money in your adsense account. Here are a few tips that you can use to increase adsense cpc

  1. To increase adsense cpc you need good keyword research and target high paying ads.You can use Google Keyword Planner Tool to see cpc rates of keywords and focus your website content on high paying keywords to increase cpc . Higher cpc keywords will make more money via adsense . Keyword research is an important and rewarding practice that will not only help you increase adsense income but also get more visitors to your website if you know how to target long tail keywords that have lower competition and are easier to rank in search results.
  2. Make sure that both text and display ads are allowed in ad unit as this will increase the bid cost of ads on your site and significantly impact cost per clicks.If you enable only single types of ads to be shown on your website then this will reduce the amount that advertisers are paying to display ads on your site as Google serves ads based on a bidding model where advertisers bid to show their ads . If you use only single text or display type ads then cpc will reduce as competition between advertisers will be lesser.
  3. Ad sized recommended by Google adsense are another way to increase your revenue . Most successful ad units are 720×90 and 336×280 large rectangle adsense units. Use these two proven successful ad units and show responsive ads for increasing cpc .

Increase CTR

Click through rate is a ratio that represents the percentage of visitors who clicked on ads shown by your site. CTR primarily depends on ads placement and can be improved by tweaking the location of ad units on your webpage.

  1. Try out different locations for ads and select the best performing placements . Usually showing ads above the fold gives best ctr but you can use them in other locations also depending on your page layout .
  2. Enable interest based ads in your Adsense account as that will show ads on your site about things that users are interested about and help in increasing both cpc and ctr.

Use Page Level Ads

Page level ads are newly introduced mobile ads for mobile friendly websites that can be used to increase your earnings .

Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

The rise in number of internet users in the past decade has made it possible for everyone to make money online by working from home. Although it is not easy to earn significant amount of money online but if you are persistent enough then you have the opportunity to earn your monthly income from internet .

Common Mistake People Make For Making Money Online:

There are a number of people who leave there jobs to work  online from home and are doing really well in terms of money they are making online but before we continue ,to discuss ways to make money online without paying anything , you need to know the fact that making money on internet is no easy task as it requires hard work ,long hours of research and most importantly patience . Don’t expect to be a millionaire in a year over internet as many so called internet gurus promise .

You probably would have read many articles about how to make money online or get rich fast etc . Well none of them will tell you actually how many people fail to make even a single dollar on internet . As a rough estimate i would say about 90% percent of people trying to make money online fail because they fall for such scams that promise you to make money . But there is no easy way to make money and no short cut to earning lots of money .

Skills Needed To Make Money Online

There are some basic skills that you need to start make money online from home. Here are some most important things that you should know if you want to be successful in making money online.

Start A Blog To Make Money On Internet

First thing you need to do if you want to earn money online is start writing a blog . Don’t think about what you will write on your blog , just start a blog somewhere on Blogspot or WordPress . It doesn’t have to be assosiated with a domain . Blogspot and WordPress are a great way to start your blog in minutes without paying anything . If you haven’t already then go and make a blog .

Think of your blog like a base camp for your ventures on internet and write about things you like . Don’t worry about not getting enough people to read your blog as you will eventually get visitors if you keep on writing . On an average it takes atleast six months to establish a decent blog traffic. As i said earlier don’t expect to start making money within days as it will probably take a lot of time before you will actually make any money. Starting your own blog is important because blogging is an important skill needed to start making money online.

Learn to Make A Website

As you are trying to make money online ,learning to make a website should be on your to do list. It will be the most important skill set that you will need numerous times as you work on finding new income sources.Without knowing how to make a website you will eventually have to pay someone to do this for you and that will cost you unnecessary amount of money . All you need to learn is some basic html and css and you don’t need any prior programming knowledge. You will be needing these skill sets every single day if you are really interesting in making money online.

Think Like An Entrepreneur

People working to earn money online are in many ways similar to entrepreneurs so Start thinking like one. Bring your ideas to life , work on new projects and keep looking for opportunities popping up everyday on internet . And most importantly don’t be afraid to fail . failing is an integral part of your journey to becomming a successful web entrepreneur . So think about innovative ways to earn money online and if your idea fails then don’t just give-up . Move on to the next thing .

Ways To Make Money Online

As the article promised here is a list of ways you can make money on internet without paying anything . None of the ways mentioned here will ask you to pay money and are legitimate ways to earn cash online.

Blogging For Money

Blogging is the best and most common way to make money online. If you  know how to write then starting a blog is the first thing that you should do . There are many ways to make money from a blog  like advertisement , affiliate marketing and selling your services. There are many platforms that allow you to start a new site in minutes without paying anything .

Make Money From YouTube Videos

YouTube is another source of income online but that is not for everyone . You need to be able to produce quality videos that will attract many subscribers to your YouTube channel and get many views. If you can make quality videos then YouTube partner program allows you to earn significant amount of money from your videos . The more views you have , more revenue you will generate from these videos.

Teach Online Courses

If you are an expert in some field and your teaching skills are somewhat polished then you can sell your teaching videos online and places like Udemy . Udemy is a unique platform that allows you to sell your courses  . All you have to do is make a video course about anything you know and upload it at Udemy . You will earn money based on the number of students who enrol for your course . You have the freedom to set any price for your course.

Earn Money As  Freelancer

You can sell your services as freelancer on many sites like Upwork , Freelancers and Fiverr  etc that allows you to bid on projects posted by clients . These sites provide you to find clients that will pay you for working on small projects. Freelancing is an increasingly popular way to make money online as you have the freedom to work on projects you like and charge any amount of fee for your services.

Tips to increase Fiverr Gigs Sales

Your presentation is the leading factor in getting more sales along with the usefulness service that you are providing. There are no secrets to be successful on Fiverr or in any other online business, follow these six simple tips or guidelines to increase your Fiverr sales and earn money.

  • Make a description video explaining your work and also try to add some samples of similar tasks that you have completed earlier so that people will know that you are actually capable of doing what you are selling. Video presentation tends to attract more buyers as it gives a positive signal about you and shows them that you are serious about your work and willing to put in your effort.
  • Title is the first thing everyone notices so take you time when deciding the title for your gig as it has the most impact on getting the attention of people .Title should accurately describe the service of your product and shouldn’t be very long neither too short.
  • When you are describing your service try to write a professional description and don’t just copy and paste from other sources as everybody knows copied content when they see one and your gig will not rank in natural search results . Ranking in search results can give you significant increase in your sales from organic traffic coming to your gig.
  • Share your Gigs on social media and increase your exposure. More exposure means more sales for you. So always use promotion as a way to get more people to know about your online service. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, stumble upon and YouTube to get free marketing of your Fiverr gig.
    Combination of quality and quantity always works for any online business. Increase the quantity of your gigs while maintaining their quality.
  • If you manage to get an order on Fiverr then do your best to complete it in time and in a good way so that the client will give you a good review. Good reviews by your customers always bring in more clients and your response time also matters in getting more sales.

Fiverr – sell your services online

Fiverr is an internet marketplace to buy and sell your services online for five dollars. Signup is free and once you signup you can list the service you want to provide with some details for interested buyers. You earn $4 out of $5 for your every gig sold. Generally in freelance sites projects are posted by clients and you have to bid to get the project. In Fiverr, projects (or Gigs) are posted by freelancers and clients buy the gigs they need.

Fiverr Gigs

Gigs are the online services that you are selling on Fiverr. Most commonly sold Gigs are digital marketing, Graphics & design, writing, advertising and business but there are other categories that are also worth exploring if you have skills. Basically you can sell any service on Fiverr and be creative to attract more buyers.

Fiverr Payout Options

Fiverr currently offers two forms of payout options and revenues are paid after 14 days of waiting period. Revenues can be received via PayPal or using Fiverr revenue card.

Fiverr Referral Program

You also have the option to use their referral program to increase your revenues by referring your friends and followers to sign up. If you refer a friend then you earn a free gig that means you get to buy one service from anyone for free on Fiverr. If your referred person spends $10 to buy some gig then you earn 5usd. This affiliate program can be used to get some extra money and free gigs.

25 ways to make money online

Learn how to make money online by avoiding most common mistakes and find out real ways of earning on internet.

Earning money can be easy or hard depending on your knowledge about how to make money online. Internet is full of resources that claim to teach you easiest ways to succeed in online business and some will even attract your attention by using words like get rich quick or make dollars fast. If you want to be really successful on internet then you must first understand that just like in real life there is no easy and fast way of earning by work from home jobs or using other ways available on internet. The problem with internet is that you will find all sorts of articles and affiliates, most of which are just misleading people who are starting up to make money online. There are very rare resources that tell you legitimate facts about online businesses and ways to earn on internet. This resource is created with the simple aim to provide a one spot for everyone to know about real ways of earning and share all the available ways to succeed in your online business. `

You might have seen many guides about making money that will eventually give you a link to buy something or to sign up for the product they are promoting using affiliate links .Just to make it clear we are not selling or promoting anything here and at no point you will be asked to buy anything or signup for anything with affiliate promotion. You can find everything you need to know about earning money online.

There are many ways to earn money on internet and for every legitimate way of making money there are thousands of spam get rich quick schemes. As you are interested in starting your online business and work from home so it is important for you to understand the difference between actual ways to make money and scam schemes. The reason i am talking about this before anything else is that majority of people fail to make even a single dime on internet and some even end up loosing money because of these scams. The first lesson you are going to learn here is how to get on the right track towards earning decent amount of income online by avoiding fraudulent sites.

Common traits of fraudulent or scam money making programs are:

  • Get rich quick
  • Make money Fast
  • Earn free money

Words like quick, fast and free are usually most common terminologies used by scam MMO programs so you should probably stay away from the part of internet that uses such words to attract your attention. Most of these sites will scam you for your time or money. Get paid per click like programs are the most common and sheer waste of time whereas there are many that will straight up ask for your credit card and personal information. You should never share your credit information with anyone on internet claiming to make you rich. In short there is no shortcut to making money online and my apologies if you were here to get rich quick and make tons of cash overnight. However, if you are willing to put your effort in working from home then we will move on to some of the options that you can choose from to start making money online. Note that none of these ways to make money are as easy as they sound but given due time and persistence all of them can be used to make some serious amount of money. Don’t get your hopes too high, and don’t loose hope either.

Three things you need to start making money

Dedication,Persistence and Patience.
Without any single one of them chances are that you will most likely fail to get any success in your online endeavors. You need dedication and persistence to be able to work hard on making money online using legitimate ways and you should have patience because you will not become a millionaire in a single day and it takes time before you start earning anything. Another thing that I would like to add is willingness and ability to learn new things as internet is ever evolving and there are new technologies popping up every other day. You should spend time researching and trying to find innovative opportunities.

Ways To Make Money Online

Become a freelancer

If you have skills then you can easily become a freelancer and start getting project based jobs to work from home. A freelancer is a person who accepts project based jobs and is paid upon completion of these projects. Sites like Freelancer and UpWork are most commonly used sites to get clients. You can also use Fiverr to offer your services to people over internet. Visit these sites and see what kind of jobs are available for freelancers. The jobs range from content writers, web development, design, education and even engineering so you will have plenty of options to choose the best suited projects for you. Perk of being a freelancer is that you get to decide how much you want to charge for completing certain task and variety of work from home jobs available.

Start a YouTube Channel

Almost everyone has used YouTube to view or share videos but not many know that you can actually make money on YouTubefrom their partnership program. Although this program is not available yet in certain countries like Pakistan but users from most countries like US, UK, Australia and European countries have the option to get revenue from your videos. All you have to do is start uploading videos and get lots of views. If your video gets viral then you will hit the jackpot. Starting a channel and getting subscribers is the best approach and you keep getting more views on your videos as your subscribers grow in number.

Make Money by Blogging

Blogging is the most common way to start earning online. You will need some good writing skills and basic knowledge about any topic if you are to be a successful blogger. You can start a free blog anytime without any prior knowledge about programming or web development. Blogging can be a lucrative career if you become successful and you are willing to dedicate yourself to blogging. Read our guide on starting a successful earning blog without any investment to get started with blogging. Bloggers make money from many sources like;

  • Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Selling eBooks
  • Earn by Writing EBooks

If you can write reasonably well then you can sell your ebooks on internet. There are many sites where you can sell your digital books without having to pay for anything, all you have to do is write good content that people will want to read. Typically they are sold at 2.99 USD to 9.99 USD but some people are also selling at much higher costs so you have the option to choose any price for your ebook. This could be a very profitable business if you are able to get enough sales. Many bloggers use this way to earn money by promoting ebooks on their sites to increase revenue.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commission by promoting products of other companies. Online affiliate marketing is a good way to earn money by accumulating commissions from promoting products offered by affiliate programs. Amazon offers commission of upto 8 percent on a sale that means if someone buys any product on their site using your affiliate link then you generate a revenue of 4-8 percent. First you will have to sign up for Amazon affiliate program and then start marketing their products. ClickBank and Ebay are other sites that can be used where they offer all sorts of things that you can promote and earn certain portion of sales value.

Make an Online Store

Sites like Ebay allow people to sell their products so if you have something that can be sold that you can list your product on such web stores or on classified sites like craigslist or other free advert sites and earn money by selling things on internet. You will be surprised to see what things are being sold online so don’t worry about lack of products inventory that you can sell. You can also make your own store very easily and start an ecommerce business that can be very rewarding. Advantage of making your own shopping site is that you will have complete control and have the opportunity to expand your brand name as your business grows.

Earn From Advertisements

Advertising is the backbone of modern businesses and you can’t avoid advertisements anywhere, Advertising industry has made it possible for you to earn by showing ads on your site. Think of it like selling advertisement space as in real world where you get paid for displaying someone’s promotional ads on your property. Similarly if you have a website or blog, you can show ads on your site for a cost. Many Ad networks like AdSense connect publishers with advertisers, so you don’t have to spend any time finding ads for your site. In fact all you have to do is add a little code on your site or blog and ads will start showing. The catch is that you will have to get a lot of visitors to your website if you want to make money. On average you expect about 3 USD per every thousand page views but this number can go up and down depending on the type of content and certain other factors. The key to success in this method of earning is to get more visitors to your site and have a useful site that people will like to visit.

Earning on Facebook

Everybody uses Facebook as a social media but you can also generate your income from this social network using fb ads and pages. The idea is to use pages and ads to get traffic to your website and earn money by affiliate marketing or starting your own webstore. More people you can get to your website, more money you will make. Another way to earn on Facebook is to have a page with lots of likes and active following as popular pages and offer sponsored posts to small businesses that are willing to pay you for advertising their product on your Facebook page.

Using Fiverr to Sell Gigs

Fiverr is a unique website that allows you to offer gigs that you are willing to do for 5 dollars. You offer to do something for five dollars and people will pay when they buy your service. Gigs range from writing content, graphic designing, reviews, and practically anything you can think of doing. Signup for Fiverr and start posting gigs and try to get people to buy your gig by offering interesting and attractive services. You make more money as more people buy your gigs and this is an interesting option to earn some extra cash online.

Get Revenue Share on TSU Social Network

Most social networks like Facebook and twitter allow you to share social media content and connect with people but the unique thing about Tsu is that you can earn revenue from your social content. They keep 10 percent of the revenue generated from your content and you get remaining 90%. Tsu is currently only invitation base network i.e. someone will have to invite you before you can sign up. If you can get into this site then you will be earning while sharing content with your friends and everyone else.

Earn by Writing on HubPages

Writing is the backbone of making money online and blogging can be a good way to earn decent monthly income but if you are not sure about starting a blog then you can use hubpages that allows you to publish your articles and offer revenue share to you. Like all other sources on income on internet you get more revenue as more people read your articles. Hubpages is a good and legit way of earning but starting your own blog should be your ultimate goal. However, such revenue sharing sites can be used to earn side money and also to get visitors to your own blog or site and even promotion of your affiliate products.

Start a Website

Websites can be about any topic imaginable and if you manage to get visitors to your site then methods to earn from websites are endless. You can use any way to monetize your web traffic. Common monetization techniques include advertisements, affiliate marketing and selling services. Creating a website is not that difficult even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about building websites. There are many good resources available on internet that can get you started with making and website and then you just need to fill the website with useful content and decide a suitable monetization strategy to convert your visitors into profit.

Develop Mobile Apps

Everyone is using smartphones and with the increasing use the demand for mobile apps has increased exponentially. There is a mobile app about everything and still there are new apps coming every day that are used by millions of mobile users. Even simple apps are being used to make good amount of money and generate a passive revenue source. Learn to make mobile apps and start developing useful apps, all you need is some basic programming skills that you can learn over internet and watching some Youtube tutorials about making simple mobile apps. Google’s AdMob to show ads within your apps and get revenue sent directly to you or you can offer your app for a price. Usually free apps tend to get more downloads as compared to paid apps but you can choose any pricing plan for your mobile app.

selling WordPress Themes

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that allows people to make beautiful blogs. Every blog needs a template or theme to look good and be user friendly. Millions of people use WordPress themes and the development of WordPress theme has become a profitable business for many web entrepreneurs. Sites like themeforest allow you to sell WordPress themes. Price of a theme can range from 30 usd to more than 200usd so you can imagine how much profit you can get by selling themes online. You will need following skills if you want to be a successful theme developer

  1. Knowledge about HTML and CSS
  2. Basic PHP

You don’t need to be an expert in programming languages to develop a good theme as most of the resources are available on internet that allow you to make anything just by following simple steps.

Sell Your Notes Online

If you have old school or college notes just gathering dust then you can put them to good use by selling them online after converting them into pdf or other digital formats. Many sites offer you to sell class notes online to students looking for study material. Prepare your course material and upload to these notes marketplaces to get some passive income. The good thing is that you can set any price for your work and upload multiple notes to these sites. Make sure to provide useful study material to students as it will get more sales and increase your profit significantly.

Earn By Teaching Online

If just selling notes is not enough for you then you can even become a tutor online by either teaching other students live or by providing recorded lectures about many study fields. Udemy is a leading online tutoring platform for recorded teaching lectures. You prepare video lectures and set a price for enrollment in your class. The thing I like the most about Udemy is that you just spend a week or so in preparing video lecture and then it’s on the internet always as a source of income for you. Other ways to earn by teaching online are the use of freelance job sites like freelancers, peopleperhour and upwork where you will find many students looking for educational guidance in a number of subjects.

Make Money Selling Photos

This is probably the most fun way to earn online as all you need is a camera and take lots of photos. Photo stock sites like Shutterstock, IStockPhotos and GettyImages connects photographers with the potential clients that are looking to buy photos to use in advertisements or magazines. As these companies can’t use any image without permission from the photographer so stock photography is used to buy images. You can make a lot of money if you are a good photographer and your photos even have a chance to be picked by big companies like National Geography or news sites and magazines.

Earn Money Selling Videos

One method to earn revenue from videos discussed earlier was Youtube partner program where your revenue depends on the number of views your video gets overtime. If you don’t want to be dependent on just one way of monetizing your video then you can use sites like uscreen etc to sell your video for any price you want. People will screen your video and download it after paying your selected price. This is much like stock photography where you sell your photos and there is no guarantee that people will buy your video so you should use this method only as a way to get some extra bucks aside from your main source of income.

Buy and Sell Domains and Websites

Domain flipping and website sales has become a successful business for many opportunists on internet. Flippa and other such companies solely specialize in this web industry and you can also profit from this by simply buying and selling websites. People are always looking to buy best domain names for their business and some are even looking to buy already established websites. Look for premium domain names that might be available and buy them. People pay good money for premium domains because businesses are very conscious about their web address. Flippa has made selling websites and domains as easy as it can get, just list your domain there and watch people bid for the highest price to get your domain. Many people have sold their domains for thousands of dollars and in some cases even millions but such cases are rare and depend largely on how badly a certain company wants the domain name you are selling.

Get Paid For Playing Games

Love playing video games? You can get paid for testing new games and giving your reviews to help game developers resolve bugs and improve their games. Finding the right sites to become a game tester can be a challenge but once you do find a legitimate site then you can earn by just playing new video games.

Another way to make profit playing video games is to become a professional gamer in famous games like DOTA, League of legends, call of duty etc and participate in professional gaming tournaments that usually have huge prize pool. Pro gamers also get hired by big brands as brand ambassadors and as team members for official teams.

Cash Your Art

If you are into creating art and crafts then you can start getting profit from your passion by selling art online on sites like Etsy or by even starting your own webstore to sell your craft online. Using social media to get followers buy your art is a good practice to get more sales and establish a brand name. Read the guide about starting an online store to get started with basics of creating your own store to sell art and other things online while working from home and doing things you love.

Make Money as Translator

Work from home job as translator might be of interest to people who know more than one language and are able to fluently speak and translate text and audio to the desired language. If you are up for this kind of work then you can become a translator at many websites where you get paid for translating text. You can choose from various translation assignments that have well defined budget and word counts. Alternatively you can look for translation jobs on other freelance job sites like freelancers and upwork.

You might also want to look other websites where you can work as online translator but be sure to check legitimacy of such sites and as I said earlier there aren’t many legit sites on internet where you can earn money. I suggest you give them a try and see their payment policy, don’t go in if they have a complex payment system and unachievable payment thresholds. You should also see the payment method and if their payout method is good for you or not before spending any time.

Sell Used Things Online

We all have countless used stuff laying around that we don’t need any more or just want to buy something new after selling them. Getting rid of old used thing in your home is usually a headache but with internet you can sell used things on auction sites like Ebay or even by posting free classifieds. Usually selling stuff online has more profit when compared to other means as you are targeting a larger audience and more people will compete to buy your product, therefore increasing your sale price. This practice maybe scaled up and turned into your very own small business that you will be running completely from the comfort of your home. People are always looking to buy used products on web as they cost cheaper than brand new things so you won’t have any problem in making sales if you put in a little effort and offer a good product in reasonable price.

Become a Tralogger

Travelling is everyone’s dream but most of people don’t make this dream, to become a traveler, come true because of financial restrictions. Travelling the world without any financial solution can be challenging but this challenge can be overcome by becoming a travel blogger. As a travel blogger you write about your wildest experiences and inspire other people. All you need is a blog and willingness to travel and you can adopt this lifestyle while becoming your own sponsor. There are a lot of stories about people who are constantly visiting countries all over the world and writing about their journey. If your blog becomes popular by providing useful and inspiring information to readers then you will have countless opportunities to make profit either by sponsors or by normal advertisements using ad networks. Read blogs by popular travelers and get inspired to start your own journey.