Tips to increase Fiverr Gigs Sales

Your presentation is the leading factor in getting more sales along with the usefulness service that you are providing. There are no secrets to be successful on Fiverr or in any other online business, follow these six simple tips or guidelines to increase your Fiverr sales and earn money.

  • Make a description video explaining your work and also try to add some samples of similar tasks that you have completed earlier so that people will know that you are actually capable of doing what you are selling. Video presentation tends to attract more buyers as it gives a positive signal about you and shows them that you are serious about your work and willing to put in your effort.
  • Title is the first thing everyone notices so take you time when deciding the title for your gig as it has the most impact on getting the attention of people .Title should accurately describe the service of your product and shouldn’t be very long neither too short.
  • When you are describing your service try to write a professional description and don’t just copy and paste from other sources as everybody knows copied content when they see one and your gig will not rank in natural search results . Ranking in search results can give you significant increase in your sales from organic traffic coming to your gig.
  • Share your Gigs on social media and increase your exposure. More exposure means more sales for you. So always use promotion as a way to get more people to know about your online service. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Google+, stumble upon and YouTube to get free marketing of your Fiverr gig.
    Combination of quality and quantity always works for any online business. Increase the quantity of your gigs while maintaining their quality.
  • If you manage to get an order on Fiverr then do your best to complete it in time and in a good way so that the client will give you a good review. Good reviews by your customers always bring in more clients and your response time also matters in getting more sales.

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