Human Nature , Power of Words and Blogging

It is human nature to express thoughts, opinions and share knowledge with other human beings. If we look at history then we see a pattern of similar behavior where humans felt the need to express themselves using whatever medium that was available to them in their time. For example, cave dwellers told their stories and shared their knowledge with everyone by drawing on cave walls, these sources of knowledge can still be seen even after thousands of years. Similarly, when words and writing developed, great philosophers like Plato shared their philosophical journeys by writing them in the form of dialogues and books.

We know all this as historians of all ages wrote everything that was happening around them because they wanted future generations to know about them. Scientists wrote about their findings to share their knowledge and many in history wrote to start revolutions by sharing their radical ideas. Some wrote just to share their experiences with the rest of the world. With time, these writings took the shape of books, writers from all around the world wrote books about every conceivable topic from personal biographies to scientific frontiers, some even started political movements with their words that changed the course of history. So, the power of words has long been observed throughout history and with the advances in technology especially with the invention of internet that power is now in the hands of everyone.

It didn’t take long for people to realize that internet can be used to share thoughts, opinions and ideas with a much larger group of people than before and this lead to modern day social networking and blogging platforms that allow everyone to share anything instantly with a vast audience. The stone canvases of cave dwellers are now replaced by the blinking cursors on the computer and mobile screens. This relatively new tool of sharing thoughts and opinions much more efficient and allows individuals to reach a much bigger audience. Whether you are sharing your daily life on social networking sites, photos and memes on websites or writing on your own websites and blogs, you are basically fulfilling your natural human need to share your knowledge, thoughts and opinions with everyone and this is called blogging.