Remove Counterflix Adware from Web Browsers

If you are suddenly seeing a lot of ads while you are surfing the internet then you might be affected by counterflix adware . This adware virus infects your computer to inject annoying ads and popups within your web browser. You might also see such malicious ads in your typical Google search results with ‘ads by counterflix’ mentioned somewhere.

My laptop that is running windows 10 was affected by this malware and after looking for a way to remove these counterflix ads (So that i can use internet in peace) i found this small adware removal program called AdwCleaner that completely removed counterflix virus along with many other similar viruses that were affecting my windows.

At first i was reluctant to download any such software but after trying numerous other ways i downloaded AdwCleaner and it worked perfectly . I am writing this post just after getting rid of those annoying ads . So give it a try if you are facing a similar problem.

AdwCleaner can be downloaded form toolslib site . Just Google it and make sure to download the real adware removal tool.

Link : AdwCleaner by Malwarebytes