5 Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Earnings

Tips and guide to boost your Adsense revenue by optimization of website. Adsense earnings from your website depends on a number of factors that should all be optimised to generate maximum revenue from your site. As a general rule of thumb more page views mean more people will click on ads through your webpage and […]

WordPress default rss and atom feed url

How to get default rss and atom feed url of WordPress site. WordPress provides rss and atom feed by default that can be used as a sitemap in webmaster tools or just syndicate your content using any feed reader . WordPress Feed Url Rss Format The default url of WordPress blog’s rss feed can be […]

Google cloud wordpress hosting cost

Hosting your wordpress site on Google cloud compute engine by creating your own virtual machine gives you complete freedom to make any changes to root files and saves you from all the flaws of hosting wordpress on shared hosts . A shared hosting account will cost 6-10 USD and it comes with all the problems associated with […]

Roger Federer Will Not Play Olympic Games in Rio -Calls an end to 2016 season

Roger Federer Will Not Play Olympic Games in Rio -Calls an end to 2016 season.He announced today that he will not be attending 2016 Olympic games due to that injury and calls an end to his 2016 season for full recovery,

Edit robots.txt file using google cloud ssh

If you are hosting your WordPress website using Google cloud hosting then your robots.txt will be set to default that disallows all search bots from crawling your site . You will need to change the robots.txt file uploaded on your server and edit it so that search engine bots are allowed to crawl your website. […]

Ways To Make Money Online Without Paying Anything

The rise in number of internet users in the past decade has made it possible for everyone to make money online by working from home. Although it is not easy to earn significant amount of money online but if you are persistent enough then you have the opportunity to earn your monthly income from internet . Common […]

5 Reasons To Avoid Shared Web hosting For WordPress

Selecting the right host for your WordPress blog is the first most important decision you make before starting a new website . The usual choice of many new WordPress users is shared web hosting as it is advertised to be cheap and affordable with so many features . Majority of people choose shared web hosting thinking that it is affordable […]

6 Most Important Meta Tags For Seo

Meta tags are important part of on page seo as many search engines still use them to rank your website in search results . Using right meta tags for your website or blog can significantly increase your ranking in search engines and get more relevant traffic to your page. There are countless meta tags that you […]

Pokemon Go Server Status Pokemon go apk free download for Android

Pokemon Go is played by millions of android and ios users worldwide. Pokemon go apk free download files should only be downloaded from trusted sources . If you are android user then you will need android version of Pokemon Go i.e apk setup . Google play store can be used to install apk apps and games […]

Enable AdSense Page Level Ads

Page level ads are newly launched product of AdSense that can be enabled for mobile friendly website and uses a single ads code to add both overlay and full screen ads to your site. There are two types of adsense page level ads Anchor/overlay ads are ads that stick to the bottom of your mobile […]