How To Commit All New Files Using Git Commands

If you are using git to keep track of all the changes made in your files directory then you will need to commit your new changes using git command line interface . All new files added and even the changes to existing files can be logged using simple commands as shown below .

To add new files in git logs use Git Add command

Git add

Once all files have been added to be tracked by git then commit all changes using

git commit -a

A new editor will open where you should write commit message describing the changes you made . This will help you keep track of changes anyone makes to your app directory.

On git editor enter the commit message

Once you have written the commit description in the git editor simply press escape key and enter :x! command to exit git editor.

Press Esc key

enter :x! to exit git editor

All new files and changes to existing files will now be commited to git .Repeat this same procedure every time a change is made .