Analysis of Pakistan population census 2017

Pakistan population census was carried out in early 2017 and the summary of results has been received .Here i will list some of the observations that i made studying the summary of 6th population and housing summary of Pakistan’s

  1. The total population of Pakistan as of 2017 census is 207,774,520 making it 5th most populated county in the world . 132,189,531 people live in rural areas whereas 75,584989 live in urban areas . More people in Pakistan live in rural areas as compared to urban areas .
  2. Population of males is more than females with a ratio of 105 males for every 100 females.
  3. There are 10,418 transgenders in Pakistan. 7,651 of them live in urban areas while 2,767 live in rural areas . More transgenders prefer to live in urban areas .
  4. Khyber Pakhtun Khwa has the population of 30,523,371 people , making it the most populated province of Pakistan.