5 Simple Ways To Increase Adsense Earnings

Tips and guide to boost your Adsense revenue by optimization of website.

Adsense earnings from your website depends on a number of factors that should all be optimised to generate maximum revenue from your site. As a general rule of thumb more page views mean more people will click on ads through your webpage and your income will increase . So you should focus on getting visitors to your site first and don’t overflow any webpage with ads as that will ruin user’s experience . Instead , you can use simple optimization to have more revenue by displaying ad units on locations where they perform best.

Your earnings from Adsense primarily depend on following two factors that you will need to optimise . Focus on ways to increase Adsense cost per click and click through rate to boost your Adsense earnings.

Increase CPC

Cost per click is the amount of money advertisers are willing to pay for their potential customers .More cpc means more money in your adsense account. Here are a few tips that you can use to increase adsense cpc

  1. To increase adsense cpc you need good keyword research and target high paying ads.You can use Google Keyword Planner Tool to see cpc rates of keywords and focus your website content on high paying keywords to increase cpc . Higher cpc keywords will make more money via adsense . Keyword research is an important and rewarding practice that will not only help you increase adsense income but also get more visitors to your website if you know how to target long tail keywords that have lower competition and are easier to rank in search results.
  2. Make sure that both text and display ads are allowed in ad unit as this will increase the bid cost of ads on your site and significantly impact cost per clicks.If you enable only single types of ads to be shown on your website then this will reduce the amount that advertisers are paying to display ads on your site as Google serves ads based on a bidding model where advertisers bid to show their ads . If you use only single text or display type ads then cpc will reduce as competition between advertisers will be lesser.
  3. Ad sized recommended by Google adsense are another way to increase your revenue . Most successful ad units are 720×90 and 336×280 large rectangle adsense units. Use these two proven successful ad units and show responsive ads for increasing cpc .

Increase CTR

Click through rate is a ratio that represents the percentage of visitors who clicked on ads shown by your site. CTR primarily depends on ads placement and can be improved by tweaking the location of ad units on your webpage.

  1. Try out different locations for ads and select the best performing placements . Usually showing ads above the fold gives best ctr but you can use them in other locations also depending on your page layout .
  2. Enable interest based ads in your Adsense account as that will show ads on your site about things that users are interested about and help in increasing both cpc and ctr.

Use Page Level Ads

Page level ads are newly introduced mobile ads for mobile friendly websites that can be used to increase your earnings .