Reasons to start a Youtube channel

Youtube is the biggest video site on internet and also second biggest search engine only after Google . Millions of people watch billions of hours worth of videos on Youtube . You will find all sorts of video content on youtube ranging from educational videos to personal video logs . So after spending hours watching your favourite channels on youtube its only natural to think about starting your own youtube channel . If you are still wondering why you should start a youtube channel and start uploading videos then here are some reasons that you might find motivating enough to start your journey towards becoming a youtuber .

  1. You can make money from your videos and if you manage to consistently get lots of views on videos that you upload on your youtube channel then you might also be able to quit your dayjob and make a living from your channel .
  2. Your channel also gives you the oppertunity to raise your voice on important issues that matter the most for you. You can share your opinions and influence a vast majority of people.
  3. You won’t get bored as you will always have something to do and making videos for your channel will keep you busy.
  4. You will be a part of creators community and you will be able to explore your creativity .
  5. Making videos requires lots of research on different topics you will be covering on your channel ,so it will enable you to learn many new things .

How is Net Worth Calculated

Net worth is basically the value of all the things you own minus all the things you owe as debt . Net worth is calculated by subtracting your liabilities from the value of all your assets.

Net worth = Assets – Liabilities

Assets are all valuable things that you own like house , land , automobiles , stock holdings including your bank balances , cash and investments . If you own shares of a company then net value of those shares will also be accounted as asset .

Liabilities include everything you owe on your assets and all your debts. These include personal debts, bank loans , student loans , credit card balances and mortgage etc

In order to calculate net worth , first, a list of all your assets and total amount of liabilities is made . Net work is calculated by subtracting the total amount of liabilities  from total amount of assets .

If value assets is more than liabilities then net worth is positive and similarly if liabilities are more than assets then your net worth is negative . To increase net worth assets are increased by savings , investments and spending less money and also by decreasing liabilities by paying off loans and personal debts .