Human Nature , Power of Words and Blogging

It is human nature to express thoughts, opinions and share knowledge with other human beings. If we look at history then we see a pattern of similar behavior where humans felt the need to express themselves using whatever medium that was available to them in their time. For example, cave dwellers told their stories and […]

Analysis of Pakistan population census 2017

Pakistan population census was carried out in early 2017 and the summary of results has been received .Here i will list some of the observations that i made studying the summary of 6th population and housing summary of Pakistan’s The total population of Pakistan as of 2017 census is 207,774,520 making it 5th most populated […]

Reasons to start a Youtube channel

Youtube is the biggest video site on internet and also second biggest search engine only after Google . Millions of people watch billions of hours worth of videos on Youtube . You will find all sorts of video content on youtube ranging from educational videos to personal video logs . So after spending hours watching […]

How is Net Worth Calculated

Net worth is basically the value of all the things you own minus all the things you owe as debt . Net worth is calculated by subtracting your liabilities from the value of all your assets. Net worth = Assets – Liabilities Assets are all valuable things that you own like house , land , […]

How To Commit All New Files Using Git Commands

If you are using git to keep track of all the changes made in your files directory then you will need to commit your new changes using git command line interface . All new files added and even the changes to existing files can be logged using simple commands as shown below . To add […]

Child Labour In Pakistan

The industrial revolution, which started at the end of eighteenth century, eventually gave birth to a new economic system that rapidly increased the demand for cheap labor that will make the cost of end product significantly low. The need for cheaper labor cost grew with increasing industrial competition and this in turn gave birth to […]

Remove Counterflix Adware from Web Browsers

If you are suddenly seeing a lot of ads while you are surfing the internet then you might be affected by counterflix adware . This adware virus infects your computer to inject annoying ads and popups within your web browser. You might also see such malicious ads in your typical Google search results with ‘ads […]

Edward Snowden’s Encrypted Tweet is waiting to be solved

If anyone else tweeted some gibberish like this then it would treated like gibberish but when Edward Snowden tweets something its a puzzle that gives internet another mystery to solve . On 5 August 2016 ,The former National Security Agency contractor turned whistle blower Snowden tweeted a string of 64 alpha numeric characters and then deleted it within […]

Learn Python Programming Language Basics – First Lesson

Python is deemed as the beginner friendly programming language on many forums so if you are want to start learning to program then Python is a good place to start . First of all download the python package from that will include its compiler IDLE that can be used to write python programs . […]

Getting First Freelance Job as Beginner

Freelancer is someone who is self-employed and makes money by working on temporary paid projects that he gets from different clients based on skills. Freelancing has been around much before internet when people used to find work and get paid for doing tasks that were assigned to them. A freelancer doesn’t work permanently for any […]